Windows Xp is a stage based off the Microsoft operating system. It is similar to Isle Defino, as it goes to several locations.


It starts you off on the main screen with the programs' icons. There is the standard Windows Xp background (Windows Bliss) and you can walk on the hills and the Start button. There will ocasionally be a cursor that comes in and picks up a player, and puts it somewhere else. After it has picked up 6 players, it will click the start button. Anybody on the start button will be damaged by this. The cursor will then scroll through the programs and click on Google Chrome. When it opens, it goes to Google. On this part, you can walk on the logo, the search bar, and the two buttons. To progress to the next part, you have to destroy both the Search button and the I'm Feeling Lucky button with strong smash attacks. (15%-20%) Then, the cursor gets off Google Chrome, and goes to Microsoft Word. The hazards here is that Clippy is in the corner. If you get near him, he'll say, "Looks like you're playing Smash Brothers. Need some help?" which'll stun nearby players. Another hazard is the article that the cursor is writing. Getting near it will posion you. Eventually, the cursor presses save, and gets off Word. He'll then open Paint. He'll draw a picture of a random assist trophy. This assist trophy will actually be spawned once he is finished. Then he closes, and goes back to the desktop. Then an antivirus pops up and and says, "A virus is detected! Unable to uninstall." Then the cursor stops moving, All the program icons fall down, and The Blue Screen Of Death appears. Then, the computer is rebooted, and this process is repeated.


Hello Windows

Windows Beat


Windows Noises

Windows Longhorn


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