Viewtiful Joe is the protagonist of the anime with the same name.


Special MovesEdit



Throws a slow Voomerang, and the player can press up and down to control the movement of the Voomerang projectile. Only three of each Viewtiful Joe's Voomerang can be on screen at a time.

Side BEdit

Mach Speed-

Rapidly punches while moving forwards. Camera films appear in the background. Viewtiful Joe has a risk of falling while using this attack.

Up BEdit

Flame Bang-

Gets surrounded by flames for awhile, and damages anyone that makes direct contact with Viewtiful Joe.

Down BEdit


Fires a pushing laser from a protocannon. Gets copied by Kirby instead of the B Special Move.

Final SmashEdit

The Viewtiful Captains-

Points, Captain Blue jumps in and attacks, and suddenly Captain America (Marvel), Captain Falcon (Nintendo) and Captain Hook (a guy) appears and heavily assaults random opponents.If any of the captains fall off they will teleport back onto the stage. Then all the captains disappear.

"Get them! Watch out, here comes... The Viewtiful team! That's right!


Victory Pose and QuotesEdit

Jumps and does a heroic V-watch transformation pose.



(Against any villain except Master Hand)

"Good always triumphs, as they say."

(Against Dante)

"That means I'm both viewtiful and stylish!"

(Human Form)

And I don't even need a transformation!"

(Against Steve)

Woah, so you're the real guy! Autograph my diamond pickaxe for me please?


Joe claps for the winner.


His theme is a remix of his transformation theme in the Viewtiful Joe series.

Marvel vs Capcom 3 - Theme of Viewtiful Joe04:19

Marvel vs Capcom 3 - Theme of Viewtiful Joe

Alt. CostumesEdit

  • Human Form

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