Traps are objects that will do certain things to stop, slow down or give an advantage to an opponent. Traps appear in non-fanon smash games as well.

Fanon TrapsEdit

These are a list of moves that involve traps. Feel free to add moves that I missed.

Pewdiepie's Stephano

Steve's Crafting Table

Steve's Spawn Eggs

Eevee's  Sunny Day

Eevee's Rain Showers

ILikeTrains Kid's Mine Turtle


Nikki's  AR Card

Vergil's  Round Trip (sword when on ground)

Chris'  Grenade Toss

Chell's Portal Gun

Chell's Turret

Wright's Autopsy

HAXXOR's Infinite Petrol Hax

Mutated Nemesis' Bile Shot

Scolipede's Toxic

Octodad's Bannana Peel

Octodad's Octopus

Sentinel's  Sentinel Force

Sentinel's Sentinel Bombs

Anti-Trap TrollordsEdit

These are moves made just to remove traps.

Randomfrog's Edit

Frank West's Clearing Up The Mess

Dante's Jam Session

Octodad's Lawn Mower


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