Taskmaster is a villain (antihero?) of the Deadpool series.



Aim Master

Fires an arrow. Hold B to fire 3 at a time.

Side BEdit

Charging Star-

See Captain America's Charging Star

Charges front with his shield. If there is no opponents in front, this move completely fails and he trips.

Up BEdit

Web Swing

See Spider-Man's Web Swing

Swings forward, being invincible to almost all attacks while swinging. Stops when hits an opponent.

Down BEdit


See Dante's Artemis

Fires a charged shot. Taskmaster can even walk around while charging, and the charge can be cancelled with any move.

Final SmashEdit

Legion Arrow-

Glows yellow. Press A to fire a lot of arrows forward, X diagonally, and Y straight upwards. In the air, press A to fire forward, X diagonally, and Y straight down. The one that fires straight upwards, the arrows will fall back to the ground.


  • Up Taunt- "You are the ass kick-EE, I am the ass kick-ER!"
  • Side Taunt- "Don't you know any other moves?"
  • Down Taunt- "I can't copy your powers, but why the hell would I want to?"
  • Down Taunt (Pokemon characters)- "Think you'll look good stuffed and mounted over my fireplace."


  • Slashes his sword around.
  • Poses with his bow.
  • Swings away on his web shooter.

Clutches his head and says that he lost his memory.


Marvel vs Capcom 3 - Theme of Taskmaster03:53

Marvel vs Capcom 3 - Theme of Taskmaster

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