The story for Super Smash Bros. Critical Invasion.

Chapter 1Edit

The story begins in a graveyard behind a manor. A Necromancer uses his Necronomicon to animate he dead, his Skeleton Minions and his major royal subjects.

Meanwhile, in a dark alley of Dystopia Street, Shiv and Shaman were fighting each other. (The player can choose to be either, doesn't really matter if you win or not). After that, the heroes move on to Dystopia City and found a horde of Skeleton Minions. They fought the undead, and a Skeleton Knight sneaked behind Shiv, but to be saved by Shaman.

They saw a number of skeletons marching out of the city, and towards Dark Forest. They fought the skeletons.

An arrow suddenly flew past Shiv and Shaman, killing a Skeleton. The rouge is Henry.

Henry unlocked.

The heroes move further on Dark Forest.

Chapter 2Edit

Chapter 3Edit

Chapter 4Edit

Chapter 5Edit

Chapter 6Edit

Chapter 7Edit

Chapter 8Edit

Chapter 9Edit

Chapter 10Edit

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