"Don't mess with me, yo!"


Shiv is a young gangster from Dystopia street.

Special AttacksEdit

B-Stomp Dive

Shiv jumps, and slams down onto the ground with his feet.

Side B-PowK-47

Shiv punches forward rapidly.

Up B-Piledriver

Shiv performs a Piledriver on the nearest airborne opponent.

Down B-Tiger Palm

Shiv strikes an opponent with his palm, creating a tiger illusion and temporarily stuns all other opponents. This attack infiltrates standing blocks, and some special move blocks.

Final Smash-Finisher

Shiv grabs an opponent, throwing, slamming and punching him, while other characters are frozen for that moment. At the end, Shiv throws the opponent up and does a Piledriver attack.



Up taunt- Looks smug and flexes his muscles.

Side taunt- Points and laugh

Down taunt- Jogs on the spot.

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