Scolipede is a pokemon that first appeared in Gen V.

Scolipede is one of the protagonists of Super Smash Bros. Rampage, the other being Ryu.




Turns into a steamroller for 10 seconds. Scolipede cannot do anything other than move side to side. Anyone that touches Scolipede is lightly damaged. In this mode, Scolipede has Super Armor.

Up BEdit


Jumps up, and slams heavily on the ground. This attack does splash damage and hits OTG. Cannot be canceled.

Down BEdit


Lays a small puddle of poison on the ground, and anyone foolish enough to step on it will turn Sick. But it will posion Scolipede as well, so don't be dumb.

Side BEdit

Sludge Bomb-

Fires 3 sludge bomb projectiles in front. The projectiles are explosive and have a 15% chance of Sick.

Final SmashEdit

Venipede Stampede-

A horde of Venipede appears and joins the stage, fighting for Scolipede. This goes on until all Venipede have been defeated.



  • A group of Venipede appear.
  • Climbs a tree and destroys it.
  • Looks around and smiles.
  • Sadly walks away
  • Attempts to shoot a Sludge Bomb at the winner, but hits himself.


Prince N Final Battle Remix-0

Prince N Final Battle Remix-0

Scolipede's theme is a remix of the final battle against N in Pokemon Black/White.