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Sandy is a female Hamster from Hamtaro.



Owned by Hillary. A sporty young girl Ham who carries a ribbon. Her interest in rhythmic gymnastics have been influenced by Hillary, who is a gold medal gymnast. She has a crush on Maxwell. While in the English version it might seem that the two have confessed their affections, a Japanese episode confirms that they are not quite romantically involved yet. In the English version, she has a valley girl accent.

Sandy can be told apart from Stan by her trademark ribbon on her tail, and the fur on her face and chest is white, while Stan's is a pale beige.

Special AttacksEdit

B- Ribbon Slap

Attacks with her ribbon, dealing heavy damage onto several opponents.

Up B- Twirlie

Twirls into the air, throwing nearby opponents up.

Down B- Maxwell

Maxwell throws a book at an opponent.

Side B- Stan

Stan rides his skateboard, making hit opponents trip over and fall.

Final Smash- Ribbon Tornado

Slaps an opponent with her ribbon. If hit successfully, that opponent is whirled around by a tornado.