Randomfrog is a writer for this wiki. He also just so happened to be writing this article. Big suprise.


Entrance: I'm New Here: Says "Hello, I'm new here."

B: Edit: Random will take control of the nearest trap. There will be a blue aura around the trap when the move sees it. Then you press B to make it yours. Steve's Crafting Table will make it so only Random can craft with it.Steve's spawn eggs, Chell's Turrets, Sentinel's  Sentinel Force and Sentinel's Sentinel Bombs  will now defend Random instead of thier creators.Eevee's Sunny Day will now float in front of Random's face rather than hers. Her Rain Showers, ILikeTrains Kid's RAINBOWS!, Chespin's Mud Toss, HAXXOR's Infinite Petrol Hax, Mutated Nemesis' Bile Shot, Octodad's Bannana Peel and Octodad's Octopus will now cause them to slip instead of Random. Chell's Portal Gun and Nikki's AR Card can be moved around the stage by Random. Vergil's Round Trip and Chris's Grenade Toss will levitate into Random's hands. Wright's autopsy trap heals Random and his teammates and freezes Random's opponents. This move is an Anti-Trap Trollord.

Side B: Character Creation: Random will spawn one of his moveset characters to do there B move. In some cases, the character will do thier Side B (Such as Chell or Steve.)

Up B: Derp: Random grows wings (breaking logic in the process) and flies straight upward. He will grab anybody on his flight, and once he stops, and throw them to the ground.

Down B: Article: Random takes out a notebook with one of his articles written onto it. He has limited movement with this notebook.(One jump only.) It acts as a shield for Random, and can take ten hits. You are not protected from the back or from grabs. Only one article per stock.

Final Smash: Scrap: Random gets rid of one of the players (like he gets rid of certain article ideas.) There is an arrow on screen, and you have the choice of taking a stock of one opponent. If you don't choose, it kills a random opponent.


Up Taunt:  Spins around in circles.

Side Taunt: Goes cross-eyed.

Down Taunt: Turns into Link and waves a sword around while derp-eyed.


Option One- Yells, "Deyurrrrrp!"

Option Two- Dances.

Option Three- Wears a party hat while confetti rains from the sky.

Lose- Looks at the floor.


  • Everything about this character is based on articles and stupidity.

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