Porky Minch is the antagonist of EarthBound.


He is a boss character in Super Smash Bros. Rampage.

Special MovesEdit

B- Rocket Blast

Fires a rocket. Similar to Nikki's Swapnote move, as it targets the player who is winning. But be careful! If Porky is winning, he will blow himself up.

Side B- Burning Laser

Fires a piercing laser. Puts opponents into footstool animation.

Up B- Skull Smash

Jumps, and then heavily slams on an opponent. Even if he lands next to you,you'll still trip. You won't stop falling until you hit the ground, so don't do it over ledges.

Down B- Freeze Shot

Shoots a projectile, and an opponent that hits it will be temporarily frozen. Good for edgeguarding.

Final Smash- Spider Mech

Enters his Spider Mech, replacing the B move to firing 5 rocket projectiles. Heals a little.


Victory Poses and QuotesEdit

Slowly staggers towards the "camera", then rapidly and lightly punching the screen. The angle changes as the "cameraman" falls. Porky then laughs and tramples on the "cameraman".

""Spankety, spankety, spankety!"

"I shall get rid of you."

(Vs Picky Minch)

"You should know better than to betray your own brother."

(Vs Vergil or Dante)

"We have conflicting brothers. I feel for you... Not."

(Vs Ness)

"Why not call your mommy, Ness! Say, "Mommy! Daddy! I'm so frightened! I think I'm gonna wet my pants!"

(Vs Ryu)

"You got a black belt. I say that's just for show."

(Vs Mario)

"I took your princess! Hahahahaha!"

(Vs Pikachu)

"You shall be my new pet..."

(Vs Nikki)

"I was the real reason why SwapNote was removed."