Hey You, Pikachu! - PBG

Hey You, Pikachu! - PBG

PeanutButterGamer (a.k.a Austin Hargrave) is a youtuber who makes videos about video games. He makes top tens and reviews. He enjoys Legend Of Zelda, adventure, and playing video games. He dislikes MySims.


Entrance: Adventurre: PBG sails in on a small boat saying "Adventurrre!"

B: Pikachu: PBG says Pikachu 42 times. If he is attacked while saylng Pikachu 42 times he'll trip and the move is canceled. If he succsesfully says "Pikachu" 42 times, he'll get a x3 speed and power boost that lasts the entire  match.

Side B: Surfin On' The Sand: PBG gets on a Party Wheel from Skyward Sword, drives straightfoward, and sings "Surfin on this Thinngg" If he runs into anybody he will grab them and take them with him. If he runs into a ledge he'll just turn around and drive the other way. Lasts for ten seconds.

Up B: Homemade Fireworks: PBG takes out a homemade firework (really an explosive). He then has limited movement carrying the firework (explosive.). If you press B, the firework (explosive) will blow up. The explosion will send PBG rocketing upward. If any opponents get caught in the explosion will be sent the same distance, but, unlike PBG, they'll take damage.

Down B: Playing Video Games: PBG takes out a Wiimote and Nunchuck and waves them around, yelling "I'm plaaying videoo games!" which will take control of the nearest opponent and can make them move around for ten seconds. To avoid cheap KOs, while being controlled, players cannot fall off ledges.

Final Smash: TNT: PBG runs toward the nearest opponent, grabs them, and ties them to a stick of TNT. PBG then presses a button. The TNT dosen't blow up, and PBG presses the button a couple of more times, and then it blows up. The explosion does massive damage to the victim, and anybody else who gets caught in the explosion.


Up Taunt: Says "Your life sucks? Get a sword!"

Down Taunt: Yells "Play me off, Ladybog!"

Side Taunt: Says "You're not important. But whats important is that I just found egg toast!" He then holds up egg toast.


Victory Option 1: Shakes a Wiimote and Nunchuck and yells "I'm playing video games!"

Victory Option 2: Sings "Smash The Truck"

Victory Option 3: Points at the screen and the words "Believe to Achieve" appear above him.

Victory Option 4 (only against Pikachu): Yells "PIKACHUUUUU." into a Pikachu doll.

Lose Animation: Blows himself up with a homemade firework.