Loving Father. Caring Husband. Secret Octopus.

Octodad is a loving father, caring husband, and secret octopus.

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Entrance: Noone Suspects A Thing: Flops onto the stage.

B: Suspicion: Octodad has an game mechanic named Suspicion. The more people he attacks, the higher his supicion rises. Once his suspicion is maxed, you can press B to give Octodad a 3x speed and power boost for 30 seconds. Once that power boost is over, your suspicion meter drains.

Side B: Lawn Mower: Octodad takes out a lawnmower. You can move left and right with the lawnmower (no jumps!) Whoever gets hit by Octodad will be ran over. It can also remove traps it walks over. If the lawnmower is hit, it explodes and cannot be used for 30 seconds.

Up B: Stairs With Attitude: An escelator will apear and Octodad will walk up it, and jump off. If done in the air octodad will just jump off.

Down B: Bannana Peel: Places a bannana peel on the ground. The only diffrence from Diddy Kong's Down B is that there can be three peels on the ground at a time.

Final Smash: Octopus: Takes suit off and is in octopus mode. When activated, everyone is shocked becuase they thought he was human. Press B to grab onto the nearest opponents head. Side B To leap forward. Up B to fling yourself in the air. Down B to release ink that acts as a slip trap. This lasts for 30 seconds before Octodad reverts back to normal form. While this final smash is going on, this music plays.


Up- Throws his arms into the air.

Side- Sips coffee.

Down- Takes out a newspaper and puts it away.


Option One- Walks around with a lawn mower.

Option Two- Is shown with his family.

Option Three- Puts on an octopus hat.

Lose- Runs away from scientists.


Octodad does everything the way he does in the game. He walks the same, holds things the same. Basically he's the same klutz but without falling over.