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Nikki is the mascot of the 3DS app Swapnote,where you can write and draw notes to other people. She is an unlockable character for Smash. You can unlock her by either playing 400 matches, meeting her in story mode, or playing on the FlipNote stage 20 times.


B:Swapnotes: Nikki sends a Swapnote and lets it fly around. It acts sorta like a blue shell,targeting anybody who's winning the match. It dissapears if it hits anybody. You can have two on the screen at a time.

Side B:Sword: She takes out the sword and shield from "Find Mii" and charges foward with them,dealing damage do anyone in your way. You can't stop running until the attack ends, so be careful;you could fall off the stage. She is invincible while running(due to the shield)

Up B:Sound Bird: She grabs onto the bird from the 3DS Sound app,and flys straight upward with it. Anybody who touches her while she is flying will be damaged. If you press B while flying, the bird releases music notes.

Down B:AR Card: She plants an AR Card on the ground,and any idiot who walks on it gets stuck,leaving a chance for anyone to attack them. But,when they finally get off, the move isnt over. If you press Down B again, a hologram of that opponent will appear on the AR card. The Hologram acts as a voodoo doll, as if you attack the hologram, that damage is done to the real opponent. The Hologram vaporizes after 6 hits.

Final Smash:Wandering Heroes: A bunch of wandering heroes (from find mii) appear on the screen and attack the opponents. If they fall off, they teleport back on the stage.


Normal Taunt: Draws something on a 3DS, then puts it away.

Side Taunt: Waves to the player.

Down Taunt:Takes out a 3DS, and takes a picture.

Victory AnimationsEdit

Animation One: Is seen shaking hands with Mr. Mendell (from the streetpass garden.)

Animation Two:Is seen sitting on the ground,playing a blue 3DS.

Animation Three: Is seen drawing on a notepad, with crumbled papers around her.

Lose: Claps for the winner.

Victory MusicEdit

Swapnote Main Theme 0:00-0:07


  • On Victory Animation three,she is actually drawing with a 3DS stylus.