Yep, Lana, the white sorceress from Hyrule Warriors. Why wouldn't she be included?

Anyway, onto the moveset.


Lana's Up smash would summon a "block" of magic, similar looking to her book of sorcery "blocks". The hitbox would be similar to Pac-Man's up smash.

The side smash would have Lana summoning the Deku Staff, and shooting little pellets at enemies, working much in the same way as the Mii Gunner's side smash.

The down smash would summon two Summoning Gates and bring pillars of fire right next to Lana- Very similar to Mega Man's down smash.

The up tilt would have Lana send a small 'burst' of magic just above her.

The side tilt would send the summoning gate spinning sideways, similar to Palutena's side tilt.

The down tilt would have Lana 'sweeping' the floor with her Deku Spear, somewhat similar to Link's down tilt.


Standard: 1. Lana would plant a Deku sprout, and it would grow after about a second, and run forward, damaging enemies. 2. Lana summons a Dodongo, which stamps on the ground, damaging nearby enemies. 3. Lana causes an explosion of magic a good distance away from her, damaging enemies.

Side: 1. Lana summons a tall 'block' of magic, and moves it away, catching enemies and damaging them. 2. Lana pulls out a Deku Leaf, and sends a blast of air at enemies, causing damage. 3. Lana uses the summoning gate to use Manhandla's bullet seed thing.

Up: 1. Lana uses the summoning gate to summon an Argorok, and fly a good distance upwards with little horizontal input. 2. Lana uses the Deku Spear and Deku Leaf to fly up slightly and have good horizontal recovery, similar to Palutena's Jump Glide. 3. Lana summons a thin 'block' of magic, and flies upwards with it, somewhere in the middle of the other two.

Down: 1. Lana sends a 'burst' of magic outwards, damaging enemies, but only on the ground, similar to Donkey Kong's down special. 2. Lana summons Gohma, and Gohma spins, damaging nearby enemies, similar to the Mario Tornado. 3. Lana summons two ice pillars next to her, with a smaller hit box than her down smash, but more launching power.


Her Final Smash would be Focus Spirit- it would last just as long as all of the other transformation final smashes, and all of Lana's stats would increase. The animation before her stats increase would have her outlined in white, with her Deku Staff balancing, above that the Summoning Gate, and within the Summoning Gate the Book of Sorcery.

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