-Nemesis T-type

Nemesis T-Type is the main villain in Resident Evil 3.

Nemesis T-Type

Sketch of Nemesis

Special AttacksEdit

B-Rocket Launcher

Fires a rocket. The further the rocket fired, the higher damage it does. If the rocket hits too near, it would damage himself as well.

Side B-Destruction Punch

His fist absorbs shadow energy, and punches. The opponent hit would temporarily be dealt up to 15% damage every second for 10 seconds.

Up B-Sky Rocket

Fires a rocket in the sky, which would fall after a while, having an explosive radius damage. Nemesis can get damaged by this rocket as well.

Down B-Tentacle Lunge

Arm mutates into a tentacle, dealing heavy damage.

Final Smash-Mutation

Transforms into his mutated form. In his mutated form, he has these new special attacks.

Mutated AttacksEdit

B-Bile Shot

Shoots a powerful glob of bile on the ground, and damages opponents that step on it.

Side B-Tentacle Uppercut

Flings nearby opponents into the air, dealing heavy damage. This attack can get past standing blocks.

Up B-Bile-Pult

Shoots some globs of bile in the air. Useful to use after Tentacle Uppercut.

Down B-Tentacle Wrap

Wraps an opponent with his tentacles, slamming the opponent onto the ground.


Up and Down taunts


Side taunt

Stamps his feet and growls

All taunts(when mutated)

Roars loudly


Victory 1-Spins his rocket launcher, then places it on the ground.

Victory 2-Fires a rocket, which explodes into flowers and teddy bears(lol)

Victory 3-Mutates himself, and eats his rocket launcher.

Victory 4-"Twinkle twinkle wittle STAAAAAAAAARS"

(All of the victory poses, Nemesis would un-mutate)


Says "STARS" sadly.


Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 - Theme of Nemesis T-Type03:49

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 - Theme of Nemesis T-Type


The mutation would be less gruesome, to keep the game rating as Teen.

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