Jeremy Lin is an Asian NBA player.



Basketball Pass

Throws a basketball in front. If it is blocked, he can press B again to throw an unblockable uppercut.

Side BEdit


Dribbles his basketball forward, damaging opponents. Can be ended by pressing B.

Up BEdit

Alley Oop- Throws a basketball projectile which pierces through walls. Jeremy is open while the projectile is on-screen. Will put him in a footstool animation.

Down BEdit

Slam Dunk-

Jumps up in the air. Press the side buttons while doing this to determine the direction of the attack. Then press A to slam onto an opponent. This attack causes splash damage.

Final SmashEdit


A hoop appears, and Jeremy will hold a basketball. You can walk around with the ball, but you cannot walk past the three-pointer line. Press B to throw. If it hits in successfully, all nearby opponents are KO'ed. If it misses, all fighters on the stage are mildly damaged. (Including himself)




Marvel vs Slamcom 3 - Victory-0

Marvel vs Slamcom 3 - Victory-0