Harry Potter is the main character of the Harry Potter books and movies.

Special MovesEdit

B-Moleskin PouchEdit

Harry will rummage through his moleskin pouch, and will pull out an item.The longer you rummage through the pouch, the rarer the item he will pull out. But Harry can be attacked while rummaging, so be careful.

Side B- PatronusEdit

Harry will use his wand to create a stag(his patronus)to charge through opponets.

Up B- FireboltEdit

Harry will get out his Firebolt, do a loop-de-loop in the sky with it, and crash onto the ground. The Firebolt will be lying on the ground and players can toss it around.

Down B- ApparateEdit

Harry will apparate a short distance.

Final Smash-CrucioEdit

Harry will preform the Cruciatus Curse, and if it hits an opponet the opponet will be tossed back and forth through the air while recieving extreme damage.


Up Taunt- Says " I'm going to Hagrid's, I've got a good feeling about going to Hagrid's."

Side Taunt- Jokingly says "I like a quiet life, you know me."

Down Taunt- Says "I don't go looking for trouble. Trouble usually finds me."

Victory PosesEdit

Victory 1-Harry will shoot a spell into the sky,which makes confetti rain down.

Victory 2- Frodo from Lord of the Rings is on the screen, but Harry turns him into a slug with his wand.

Victory 3- A  Snitch is on screen, and Harry catches it.