Run Goomba Run Art

Special MovesEdit

B: Bite: Goomba does a bite similar to Wario's. Once he's done biting the opponent he throws them foward.

Side B: Charge: Goomba looks in front of him, and if there is an opponent at least 3 feet away from him, he'll charge at them like he does in the 64 games. If there aren't any opponents in his line of sight, he just trips.

Up B: Paragoomba: Grows wings and flys around. Press B to drop Mini-Goombas.

Down B: Spiked Hat: Puts on Spiked Hat from Super Paper Mario. Anyone who touches the spike will recieve damage. Lasts for twenty seconds.

Final Smash: Goomboss: Goomba turns into the Goomboss and roams around the stage for 20 seconds.

Does massive damage.


All- Looks at then screen and stomps on the ground a few times.


Option One- Grows wings and flys away.

Option Two- Stomps the ground.

Option Three- Charges away.

Option Four (against Mario)- Laughs.

Losing Pose- Is flattened on the ground.

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