Ghetsis is the leader of Team Plasma.

In Smash, he will appear as the Black 2/White 2 Ghetsis and his grunts are also from said game.

Special MovesEdit


Stab- Slashes a opponent, if hit successfully, Ghetsis will slam his opponent to the ground, and brutally stabs him/her. If he does not hit anything, this move will leave Ghetsis open.

Up BEdit

Swings his (stick?) weapon upwards, flinging hit opponents up. He can then follow up with an air combo. Like Fennekin, since this move isn't a recovery move, has a good jump height. 

Down BEdit

Eelektross- Sends out Eelektross, and it uses Wild Charge. Ghetsis gets damaged by this. If Eelektross is hit by an opponent before he does this attack, the move will be canceled.

Side BEdit

Legion of Plasma- A plasma grunt comes running, if hit an opponent, suddenly the whole screen is crowded by plasma grunts.

Final SmashEdit

The DNA Splicers - Raises his DNA Splicer and White/Black Kyurem will appear.

"DNA Splicers! Fuse! I call on, the legendary dragon Kyurem! Hahah...


Victory QuotesEdit

Kicks the cameraman down, and breaks the camera lenses with his (stick?) weapon.

Alt. CostumesEdit

  • Original Black/White outfit, grunts have the originla B/W outfits as well. Kyurem is replaced with Zekrom/Reshiram.


Battle! Vs Ghetsis Mashup (Old vs New)02:36

Battle! Vs Ghetsis Mashup (Old vs New)

His theme is a mashup of the BW battle and the B2W2 battle theme.

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