Firebrand is a common enemy ( Red Arremer) in the Ghost N Goblins game. He also starred as the protagonist of Gargoyle's Quest.

In Rampage, by pressing the jump button, X and B at the same time, Firebrand will fly. When flying, Firebrand can only use his B attack, Up B attack and Final Smash.



Entrance: Flies in, destroying a bunch of skulls.



Fires a slow Fireball. Cannot be spammed, as the fireballs get weaker and weaker if you fire them too quickly.

Side BEdit

Demon Missle-

Firebrand rushes towards his opponent to deal damage. Depending on the button pressed during the attack will affect how he rushes towards his opponents.

  • B-Rushes forward and bounces off his opponent, goes into Flight Mode.
  • A-Rushes foward and ends up on the other side. Flight Mode is not activated in this version.
  • X-Firebrand jumps backwards into the air and lunges at his opponent. Charging this move will result in an unblockable move.

Up BEdit

Dark Fire-

Fires a stream of purple fire from his mouth. Firebrand releases the stream at the ground and move his head up where it ends. This move can OTG his opponents and send them up as well with the fire.

Down BEdit

Bon Voyage-

Firebrand grabs the nearest opponent and drags them towards the ground. Follows up with Flight Mode.

Final SmashEdit

Luminous Body-

Firebrand turns white, giving 25% additional speed boost and a 2x attack boost for roughly 15 seconds.




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