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Eevee (a.k.a The Evoloution Pokemon) is one of the many characters in the hit Nintendo series Pokemon.


B:Quick Attack: Eevee lunges forward at a great speed,doing great damage. It is hard to hit your opponent,though.

Side B:Sunny Day: Creates a sun in front of her face,which follows her around.Anybody who dare touch the sun gets fire damage.The sun disapears after ten seconds.

Up B:Rain Showers: Eevee makes a rain cloud on the stage,which pours rain onto the ground. Anybody who touches the rain will slip.The clouds stay for ten seconds,then dissapear. There can be two on the screen at a time.

Down B:Baby Doll Eyes: Eevee makes puppy dog eyes,stunning anybody who looks at her.

Final Smash: Evolve: Eevee evolves into one of her many evoloutions, which gives her a unique moveset for a full minute.


This Eevee is female.

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