There he is...

Duck Hunt Dog is a dog from Duck Hunt. He  finds out where the ducks that you shot fell on the ground, and he will laugh at you  if you don't shoot the ducks in time.

Special MovesEdit

B- NES ZapperEdit

Dog pulls out the NES Zapper and will fire it once. The bullets (which are Bullet Bills by the way..) will make a small explosion when they hit an opponet. To keep this move from being spammy, there will be a counter of your NES Zapper's bullets. If you shoot all 3 bullets, you won't be able to shoot until the bullets come back overtime.

Side B- Clay Disc.Edit

Dog will throw a clay disc into the air, and shoot it. (this will not affect your bullet counter.) This move has two parts of it. The first part of this move is while it's airborne. This will put any person who touches it into a footstool animation, which is useful for edgeguarding. They second part of this move is after Dog shoots it. The shards will be lying on the ground and will damage anyone stupid enough to touch it.

Up B- Fly AwayEdit

Dog will pull out two Ducks and he will use them to fly up into the air. Eventually he'll let go of them. This move dosen't do any damage.

Down B- The Most Annoying Thing On The PlanetEdit

Dog will laugh. The laugh can reflect projectiles, but not regular attacks.

Final Smash- Duck RainEdit

Dog will shoot his gun into the sky, and several dead ducks will rain down, damaging opponets.


Up Taunt-Laughs.

Side Taunt-Turns into his Bill Baxter appearance, then turns back.

Down Taunt-Pulls out a Scrooge Mcduck head with an evil grin on his face.

Victory PosesEdit

Victory Pose One- Dog chases his tail over and over.

Victory Pose Two- Dog laughs.

Victory Pose Three- Dog is eating a turkey.


The way how Dog shoots Bullet Bills is a refrence to how Duck Hunt and Super Mario Bros were the first original games for the NES.

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