There is another Deadpool.




Slashes forward with his katana. If it hits successfully, the player can press B again for a stronger and wider katana attack.

Up BEdit

Pineapple Surprise-

Jumps and throws a grenade. If it does not hit directly, the grenade will explode in 10 seconds. Deadpool can be damaged by the explosion of the timed grenade. This grenade, if not hit, is a trap.

Down BEdit

Quick Work-

Crouches and press one of the three buttons to execute this attack.

  • A-Runs a short distance and does a lot of damage.
  • X-Runs a longer distance and does a little less damage than the A one.
  • B-Runs extremely far, does the same damage as the A one but it can be cancelled by pressing B. (Katana-Rama)

Side BEdit

Happy Happy Trigger-

Rapidly fires in front. It is a useful keep away move and opponents find it hard to recover when sent flying with this move.

Final SmashEdit

4th Wall Crisis-

Does a sexy pose and walks forward. If anyone attacks him during this state, Deadpool throws a stun grenade at that opponent, and constantly whacking him with Deadpool's own health percentage until it has been fully emptied out. Deadpool fully heals after this Final Smash.


Up Taunt-"Taunt Button!" Side Taunt-"This is my taunt! Heh! Get it?" Down Taunt-"You were recording that weren't you player? No? WHADDYA MEAN YOU WEREN'T RECORDING THAT?!"