"Ninjas?! Oh, NINJAS!!! Yeah! I really am a NINJA!!!!!!!!!"


Deadpool is a hero of Marvel.


Deadpool(Wade Wilson) is very comedic, although this appears to be due to the fact he is apparently insane.

Deadpool employs any number of weapons depending on his current assignments. Most often, Deadpool uses guns, grenades, sai, knives, and katanas. Wade can use any weapon known to man and can learn how to use the weapon in less than five minutes than anyone else. Wade is mainly seen using a gun or a sharp object. Deadpool has also been shown as having a magic satchel, often pulling weapons out of nowhere. The satchel contains all of Deadpool's unlimited weaponry and ammo.

Little is known of Wilson's subsequent mercenary activities. At one point he was active in Tangier, Morocco where he romanced a woman named Francie. When this relationship soured, he traveled throughout Asia, and was hired in Japan by a crime lord, the Boss, to infiltrate a sumo-wrestling ring owned by a rival criminal, the Oyakata. Wilson spent three years as a wrestler under the Oyakata's tutelage and became romantically involved with his Mentor’s daughter, Sazae. When the Boss finally ordered the Oyakata's murder, Wilson refused to complete his assignment, allegedly the first time he had ever done so, and relocated to the United States.

Deadpool, unlike most characters, is aware that he is in a comic book and able to express his thoughts via captions.

Special AttacksEdit

B- Nun-chuk Katana

Attacks with a nun-chuk and then slash with a katana.

Up B- Stun Bomb

Throws a bomb that temporarily stuns adjacent opponents. Does no damage.

Down B- Twin Katana

2 slashes of a katana. Massive damage.

Side B- Trigger Happy

Fires a SMG.

Up up down down left right left right B- Gangnam Style

Dances gangnam style, slowly damaging all on-screen opponents.

Final Smash- Ninjas?

A burglar runs, trips over an opponent and runs away, and ninjas crowd the screen dealing medium damage to all on-screen opponents.

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