"Give me a sit-rep!"


Chris Redfield is a former S.T.A.R.S agent from The Resident Evil series. He is currently a well-respected Special Operations Agent (S.O.A.) of the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance (B.S.A.A.)


Special MovesEdit

Entrance: Says "Give me a sit-rep!" on his walkie-talkie, then puts it away.


Weaponry Assault-Fires an SMG, a Shotgun or a revolver. (With varying damage) The Shotgun does 10% damage, the revolver 20%, and the SMG 30%. Each has an equal chance of being pulled out. 

The shotgun has spreading bullets, which is useful against airborne opponents.

The revolver has a harder push force.

Up BEdit

Grenade Toss-

Throws a grenade straight upward. The distance of the grenade depends on the amount of time since you've used it. If you try to use again too quickly,it will blow up immediatley, dealing Chris ten damage. The grenade will stay on the ground for 15 seconds, or until it is made contact with. The explosion can also hurt Chris, so don't be dumb.

Down BEdit

Prone Position-

Ducks down, making himself avoid most attacks. Press B during Prone Position to fire an explosive missile.

Side BEdit

Sweep Combo-

Chris slashes the opponent with his knife, stuns them with the stun rod, fires his shotgun, shoots a burst of SMG bullets, followed by a revolver shot, and finally a rocket from an RPG. If he dosen't hit anyone at first with the knife, he will be forced to continue the rest of the move, leaving him open.

Final SmashEdit

Satellite Laser-

Chris pulls out a large, bazooka-like tracking device. The player can then scroll around the screen with a large cross hair. Hitting an attack button will fire a laser at the spot the cross hair is on, this can be done three times. This ends when Chris is hit.

"Link established! Bring the pain!"


Up- Turns to his back. "Bring it!"

Side- Fires an empty SMG.

Down- Points his pistol "Eat lead!"

Victory QuotesEdit

When he wins, he would say one of the following:

"Mission accomplished. Alright! Let's roll out."

"What's the point of all of this fighting...?"

"Don't let that loss get to you. I have taken down bigger things in my life."

(Team VS and Team Classic only)

"You know why you guys lost? It's because you lack the teamwork that we have."

(Against Sonic)

"It takes more than speed for this."

(Against Yoshi, Pikachu, Goomba or Master Hand)

"No matter who the enemy is I won't back down!"

(Against Ganondorf or Bowser)

"It's finally over... Right?"

(Against Wesker)

"You're not a god. You're a joke."

(Against Blastoise)

"At least your mutation isn't so scary."


Chris clutches his pistol tightly, making a shocked and angry face.


This is the theme for Chris in the story mode. It is the remix of Majini V.

Marvel vs Capcom 3 - Theme of Chris Redfield

Marvel vs Capcom 3 - Theme of Chris Redfield

Chris's theme


The moves are taken from Marvel vs Capcom 3.