Chell Johnson is the main character from the popular puzzle game Portal.                 


Entrance: Relaxation Vault: Walks out of the Relaxation Vault.

B: Portal Gun: Press B to fire a blue portal, and then press B again somewhere else to fire an orange portal. If you walk in the blue portal, you'll come out the orange portal. Anything can go through the portal, including opponents, projectiles, and assist trophies.

Side B: Turret: Chell puts down a turret. It'll either be a regular turret shoots rapid bullets and can be killed by getting knocked over. The rocket turret shoots rockets, and can only be killed with regular attacks.

Up B: SPACCE: Chell grabs onto the SPAACE core and flies straight upward. When attacked the core will explode. When flying, the space core will say something about space.

Down B: The Lie: Chell places a cake on the floor. She can eat it to heal her health. If opponents try to eat it, they'll be electrocuted by how much of a lie it is. Only one cake per stock.

Final Smash: Moon: Chell places a Portal on the ground and one on the moon. Everybody gets sucked into the portal and gets sent to The Moon. Nobody can breath (with the exception of Chell.) so opponents start taking damage. The more damage they have, the slower they are. If they get past 100%, they'll just fall over. On the moon, everybody's jump height is multiplied by three. The Final Smash lasts 30 seconds.


Up Taunt: Pulls out cake.

Down Taunt: Tosses her Portal Gun in the air.

Side Taunt: Pulls out the Space Core, and puts it away after it says "Space!"


Option 1: Sends herself in an infinite portal loop.

Option 2: Knocks over a Turret.

Option 3: Eats cake.

Lose: Sits on the ground, mouthing "The Cake Is A Lie."

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