Captain America is... Even I do not know who that is.

Captain America can be summoned by Viewtiful Joe's Final Smash.

Cap America


Entrance: Stands, and his shield comes flying to him.


Shield Slash-

Throws his shield in front, and it will come back to him after awhile. If no one is hit, the shield will fall to the ground. Captain America without his shield is faster, but gets dealt more damage by attacks and cannot use this move and his Side B move.

Up BEdit

Stars and Stripes-

Does a heavy uppercut and sends hit opponents flying up in the air, open to a full air combo afterwards. Does 2% damage to Captain America.

Down BEdit


Does a cartwheel, avoiding attacks. Gains temporal invincibility after the move. Cannot be spammed, due to a ten second cooldown timer.

Side BEdit

Charging Star-

Charges front with his shield. If there is no opponents in front, this move completely fails and he trips.

Final SmashEdit

Final Justice-

Charges to an opponent, combo attacks him and throws him into the air. If no one is hit, this does nothing.


Marvel Vs09:56

Marvel Vs. Capcom - Captain America's Theme (Looped)



  • Throws his shield and catches it.
  • Stands straight and salutes.
  • Raises his shield high.

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